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6 Videos That Get Real Estate Seller Leads and Listings

As a real estate photographer in Austin, Texas, I'm always looking for ideas to help Realtors be more successful. I found this great video by Mike Sherrard that explains how real estate video marketing can help you get more clients and listings. As Mike says, "If you want to know how to get listings and free real estate leads with video marketing for Realtors, this is the video for you."

Here are my video topic takeaways from Mike that VIVO can help you produce.

  1. How to sell your house in Austin without a Realtor

  2. When is the best time to sell your house in Austin?

  3. Property Tours (starring you, the Realtor) <my personal favorite

  4. How to prepare your home for sale in Austin

  5. How to sell your home fast in Austin

  6. Market Updates

If you like these video ideas, VIVO can help you make them come to life for your marketing.

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